Ernst Jünger to Carl Schmitt – Berlin NW 21, Dortmunder Street 13, February 8, 1930.

Dear Professor!

I’ve received your “Political Romanticism” with much thanks. I finished reading the book today. I think the work is excellent.

It has not become clear to me whether your critique of romanticism is applicable in its entirety. – You yourself do not even include them in your discussions. However, this is irrelevant – for me, the main point of your remarks lies in the future. What you want has become very clear to me, although the material, according to Mueller’s writings, is very foreign to me.

From what you say about Don Quixote, I see that there is a period from which we can understand the Romantic.

I am indebted to you because you have sharpened my view of some things right. Above all, we must conclude that your book is a beautiful example of this.

What touched me about him above all was the call to responsibility, which stands everywhere behind the lines. From here, from the strict cultivation of the mind and feeling will a new German politics be possible in the first place.

I will simultaneously send you another book from me. On Wednesday, I travel to the Weser to spend a week with Hans Grimm. Tomorrow to Sunday afternoon. Have time for a quick chat, I ask you to come to me without any inconvenience.

With best regards Ernst Jünger.